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• 95% of organic traffic comes from the first page
• 33% of visitors click on first organic result
• 2% of visitors click on tenth organic result
Optimeeri Ltd, search engine marketing

Companies who already took advantage of our SEO analysis.

Technical analysis of website SEO factors.




Website analyse

We carry out an extensive technical and content analysis of SEO factors.

Keyword analysis

The best suitable keywords for your niche will be discovered for you.

Website optimization

We will increase your organic positioning in largest search engines.

Keywords monitoring

Monitoring of your websites keywords in search results.


The proper use of word is important for better understanding of the content and gaining better Google positioning.

Google AdWords

Get a 120% of your Google Advertising budgets. Let us manage your Google campaigns, as we do know how to do that best.

Google Analytics

We will analyse your website visitors activity for you to make valid marketing decisions.

Search engine marketing

We will create the best marketing strategy in order to make your website visible on search engines.




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